Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My Love

I could never express the extent of my love
And yet it multiplies every day
I am not fibbing when I say you're perfection
This sentiment could not be taken away

For I dreamed of you so very long
Your laugh and the twinkle in your eyes
But this level of beauty I did not expect
Which will come out in more ways I surmise

Since so young you hug with the cutest blink
A smile written on your whole face
A toddler already with a sweet heart
And such a loving embrace

A gentle touch and curious approach
Things I should expect in a young doll
But my pride is already overflowing
When we've barely started at all

I look forward to every discovery
Each day with it's wonders anew
Books and places and food and people
And songs and dreams with you

I'll tire the world of my pride and joy
As I share the most amazing legacy
The best miracle to flood my life
The gift that has completed me

My biggest prayer is you will always know
How you've overtaken my heart
And how I'll miss everything about you
If we ever are apart

So keep a place in your life for me
Let me share in your joy and pain
And let me tell you I love you dear
In all the ways I try to show you
Let me tell you and show you again

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