Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Why Windy, Lindy?

Hello. Welcome to my blog. Already a learning experience as I can only get it to work in HTML. I know nothing about HTML...

Why Windy, Lindy? Many reasons. One being the sudden desire to do this, at 10:45 at night, with my husband and daughter fast asleep next to me. If nothing else, it'll add to the long list of forms of procrastination available to me. If I didn't catch this passing inspiration it would have blown away, with no telling when or if it would ever return. But really, me as a writer? It'll be winds of change. Writers talk about their passions, their beliefs, their strenghths. I may just contradict myself. I have my solids, my unchangeables, like my love for the outdoors, for God, for family. But really, one day I can conquer the world, the next I feel so insignificant. One day I am certain something is right, the next I am opened to the reasonings behind the incomprehensible actions of others-- and suddenly not only are they comprehensible, but they now became the new right way.

Sure, I am a woman. I am growing and learning. I am an overanalyzing, overachieving human being. This lady is bound to change her mind. Add a husband who really epitomizes opposites attract and I am forced to see things in contrast to what I saw before. Throw a toddler in the mix and my learning and changing is exemplified by my great need to be a wonderful mom combined with my lack of sleep (why am I writing at 11pm?). Oh, motherhood. Necessity breeds growth, doesn't it? I needed more patience, more organization, more of an iron gut (please, little girl, don't share your food with the dog).

My loving family really hasn't been what started the rustling up there in my brain. My life has been very eventful. Sometimes soap opera-ish. It has taken recovery to calm the storm. Who knows how much I'll share. I always figure people are like me, wanting to understand the root, the chain of events. Not just little random tidbits. Oh yes, tidbits. I'll probably just torture some with tidbits.

Finally, the winds of Lindy may obviously imply that my thoughts, not necessarily face to face but undoubtably on paper, most definitely are long winded. And changing direction. They will flutter where they want, maybe from one topic to the next, maybe coherent enough for you to learn a bit about me (hopefully once in a while a bit about life). My life is changing, loving, exploring. One thing that has never changed is my desire to write. I don't see writing a book anytime soon (though I would love an autobiography, I fear offending people), so I'll settle for a blog. We'll see where this goes.

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