Friday, 16 September 2016


Last month I optimistically wrote about embracing my wrinkles.  I really don't mind getting older. I've lived. I've grown. I've learned. So I decided I would wholeheartedly embrace aging. Really, I figured it was just a state of mind.


Today I received another angle. I went for a physical. A routine pap to be more precise. And that is all I thought it would be. 

But I felt progressively older as each topic was addressed. Each age appropriate topic.

Do you plan on having more children? You are getting to the age where conceiving gets more difficult and the risks increase.

Have you thought about whether or not you would like a mammogram. The recommended age has changed from forty up to fifty but it is a consideration at forty for those with a family history. 

We even touched on permanent birth control measures and what may eventually happen with menopause. (Yes, I know that may seem premature but I was asking about postpartum issues and how they relate to aging.)

Oh my.

Watching the abundant energy of my four year old makes it very clear that there are differences between the young and the... older. She can bounce on the trampoline, bike across town, go for a swim, and then still ask for a play date. 

I do what I can to try keep myself healthy so I can keep up. I try to eat plenty of vegetables. Get some exercise. Manage my stress. Get enough rest. Um, okay, maybe not everything. Sleep? Do I really need that? Maybe after my "forty year old" doctors appointment I will put that into consideration. 

As my daughter gets older (and stronger) I want to manage the stamina needed to join her in things that interest her. Toss a football, mom? Sure. Go for a run? I'd love to. Bike a trail? Great!

I don't want her to think I'm too old. But just embracing aging and loving who I am is not going to cut it. I need to treat myself well. Make sure I have some take-care-of-me time. 

Sometimes easier said than done. Especially if I try to consider that always evasive thing called sleep. I catch up on so much during the late hours. It's hard to balance healthy meals, exercise, school, extra-curricular, work, church, family play time, reading, and, ugh, house work. Well, maybe not that. I'm quite good at taking a whole day for my daughter and neglecting the chores. I wash the bathrooms and do the dishes and then, well, on to something else. 

Oh, the balance. But I want my daughter to remember many things. Not just mommy cleaned. Or mommy loved daddy. Or the important mommy played with me. 

I want her to learn from my example. I am aging. And she should see that I'm taking the right steps to make the most of it. I'm embracing my wrinkles. Im rolling with the grey hairs. I'm choosing the fruit over the ice cream. I'm eating three meals and snacks even when I'm busy. I'm stretching. I'm learning new things to keep my mind going. I'm developing my hobbies. I'm keeping relationships a priority.

I'm thoroughly enjoying life but being aware of my limits. 

And soon (-ish), with that family history, I guess I'll get that dreaded mammogram.